Swimwear Buying Guide


Trying on Swimwear

One Question we get asked a lot is How do you buy the right suit? Or What is the right suit for my body type?  The answer…well, it just depends! 


Step 1 - Assess The Activity

The first thing that you have to answer is what are you doing with your swimsuit? I know, I know, you’re swimming in it, but what kind of swimming are you doing?

All of these activities need different types and styles of swimsuits.


Step 2 - Try Some On

As far as getting the right suit for a certain body type, there are just as many questions to ask. Our best answer is try some on! 

It would be nice if we could always follow the fruit body chart buying guide, if you’re a pear you should wear…, if you have an apple shape stay away from….  But those just don’t work. 

Swimsuits can be so individual and so personal.  Try some on and see what you think, what you like.  The best suits ever are the ones that you feel the most comfortable in. No tugging necessary!

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Step 3 - Show Off Your Awesome Swimwear


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